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fics where bitty is like a normal person who gets a normal person job after college and jack doesn’t drop his name whe n he comes out so no one outside really intense sports fandom/media people really know who he is and then his co-worker is like “hey we’re gonna go to the falcs game this weekend!” and he’s like “oh so am i” “oh really? what seats ya got?” and bitty’s just like OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHI– “i meant the other game i gotta go”  

bitty works in sports journalism covering like college football or something and then his boss is like “since marilyn’s on maternity leave, i was wondering if you could cover the falcs game this saturday with mark?” … … “um eric–” … “ihaveaconflictinginterestsorry”

Bad Bob stops by the office at some point for something publicity related or maybe a story being run about him and stops by Bitty’s desk like “Eric hi!!” And chats and is li ke “Btw Alicia wants you to come over for dinner again sometime, she says she misses you, though she may also just be angling for some of those turnovers you made last time you came over.” And everyone just stares at him like “???????”

Bitty’s not even in sports journalism, he writes a food column for Arts and Lifestyle.  But to get to his desk, you have to walk PAST the spots people.

and the sports writers are all coincidentally all on break except for Trevor, who follows football and soccer and doesn’t really keep up with hockey. Trevor knows of Bob Zimmermann, but not his face. 

Trevor glances at Eric after the conversation and asks, “Who’s that?” 

“Oh, my father in law. He’s in town with his wife and we’re having family dinner tonight.” 

“Cool.” Maybe Trevor is a bit disappointed because this means that Eric is definitely married, and the ring on his left hand definitely means something. 

The next time he’s hanging out with his sports coworkers and Bob walks past, Trevor gives him a smile and a nod and gets a smile back. His coworkers’ eyes all bulge out as they see the living legend walk past them and grabs onto Trevor’s arm.

“Trevor tell me that just happened?”

“That what happened? That’s Eric’s father in law.”


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Every Time A Bell Rings


When Jack finally blinks his eyes open he’s sure he’s looking at an angel.

Halo of gold hair. Big, brown eyes. Soft, calm voice as he talks to himself while checking on the IV that’s sticking out of Jack’s arm.

His eyes track his fingers and then finally sweep up to Jack’s face. When their eyes connect Jack’s angel smiles.

“Well, hello there, Mr. Zimmermann.”

There’s a thick southern accent that sounds as sweet as syrup and Jack fights to keep his eyes open just to watch him for a few more seconds.

“We weren’t expecting you to be up this early. Everything’s just fine. The doctor should be in in a few to talk to you. How are you feelin’?”

Jack tries to hold on but his throat is dry and he’s so tired.

He shuts h is eyes again and the last thing he hears and feels before he falls asleep is a soft laugh and a hand on his shoulder.

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Anonymous asked:

Georgie said that Robbie "is" the love of his life? Did he mean that? he's moved on more than Robbie (not that that's hard) and obviously would like it if they could just be friends but would he get back with Robbie if that was on the table?



He meant it.

And in a second.


theaabrown asked:

Does Anton follow the oft-observed phenomenon of a second-generation NHL'er basically looking like a more attractive version of his papa (due to, amongst other things, growing up with better nutrition, health care, access to expensive grooming habits, and, probably the most significant, a very beautiful mama) and bat it completely out of the ballpark a la Jakob Chychrun?




Anton’s better looking than his dad (Vladimir would like to attribute that all to Tonya), but he looks a lot like him. There are a lot of former NHLers who played with/against Vladimir and kind of double take when they see Anton play because it’s Vlad 2.0 out there. Why isn’t he in his net. Get back in your net.

Your Daily Reminder That Bisexuality is a Thing, God Dammit


So a certain book has come to my attention by the name of Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy. It features a protagonist who identifies as lesbian, but discovers she is possibly bisexual. 

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Cookies and Conversations


Jack disentangles himself from Bitty without waking him up.

It’s a skill he’s perfected over the years but he’s always proud of himself when he pulls it off.

The layout of the room is unfamiliar. He’s only spent a handful of days in Bitty’s childhood bedroom but he knows it well enough to make it to the door without stubbing his toe on the dresser or the desk.

Bitty’s parents went to bed hours ago but he still tip toes down the stairs trying to make as little noise as possible.

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Here Come the Dreams by PorcupineGirl

Jack/Bitty Coffee Shop AU, 26K, rated Teen.

Sometimes it seems like Jack can’t go anywhere in Providence without being hounded for autographs, so he’s relieved when the people who work at the coffee shop in his new neighborhood don’t seem to recognize him.

But the cute baker who owns the shop, Eric, has a few surprises for him - and maybe Jack has a few of his own in return.

Now complete!

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Braden Holtby after practice, 11/30/16. It is impossible to breathe the same air as this man and not swoon. He was incredibly charismatic and personable. Laughing and joking with the fans, taking his time. Just…. wow, an A+ experience.


ok but something just occurred to me

jack’s pre-game ritual is eating a pb&j

cause he’s had a pre-game ritual since he was a little kid. 

maybe it’s what alicia made him before every game. or maybe it was the only thing he’d eat for several months, the way kids go through picky phases of only eating one or two things. or maybe he had one before he scored his first goal in whatever little league hockey thing he did and he grew up hearing about hockey superstitions and pre-game rituals and all that from bob so he began asking for one before every single game. 

maybe it’s all he knew how to make himself when he got older, at the billet family’s house, on roadies. maybe it was the only thing he could concentrate on when his anxiety got so bad that his hands shook and his f ace went numb. 

maybe he couldn’t even smell peanut butter without gagging when he got out of rehab. maybe he didn’t touch his mother’s favorite jams and jellies the whole time he was coaching, filling out college apps, lying awake at night in his childhood bedroom, more empty than anxious. 

maybe he was on his own tour of the haus as a frog and he wandered into the kitchen, the way bitty would two years later, and found a perfectly-made pb&j sitting on the counter (courtesy of johnson, who suddenly had to step out?) and the sight of it didn’t make him feel sick to his stomach. 

(maybe, many years down the line, he’ll make himself one, very slowly, very carefully, and eat it as he waits for bitty to come home from work, absently toying with the small ring box in his pocket.)

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friendly reminder that Bitty is probably making Jack shave off his terrible movember mustache at midnight tonight

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when u have to pretend derek waters stealing your cheese fry didnt hurt but its eating u up inside

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Bitty knows that Jack knows that Bitty knows how to dress warmly for the cold. After all, he had survived two entire New England winters yet. But he smiles and laughs when Jack pulls the beanie down over his bangs.

Jack chirps him about properly wearing toques and how you feel a lot warmer when your head is warm, and Bitty chirps him because no one uses the word toque down here, stop trying to make toque happen. They somehow end up talking about all the different ways to pronounce pecan.

Back to watch Caps Morning Skate, because the kiddo wanted to go. Very excited to see Oshie back on the ice, and n has declared that she wants to be a hockey player that gets to sign autographs, though she was more than happy to be excited about having other hockey players give HER autographs, once it got down to it.

After, only a few players came out of the autograph entrance, and only three stopped, but they all took their time and were super sweet. Holtby was last and by the time he came out, the crowd had thinned out a bit, so we managed to actually have a chat, and get some pictures.



The Gay (*Marc voice* that’s a misnomer) Golden Line, from the You Could Make a Life ‘verse, for @youcouldmakealife​. Thanks for creating this universe! 

The three of them were a good line, and after they won gold the media all said it was because of their line that Sweden didn’t have gold instead. 

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